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Michael Camporeale

About Michael Camporeale

About me

  The Law Office of Michael Camporeale, P.C., is a general practice firm which specializes in Medicaid planning, asset protection from nursing homes, elder law, wills, Living Trusts, estates, personal injury, real estate, and employment discrimination.


The Law Office of Michael Camporeale, P.C., has successfully helped numerous individuals through the years qualify for Medicaid benefits and protected family assets from nursing homes. The firm’s vast estate planning clients have had their estate planning needs met in order to make sure that their assets were protected so that they can be passed on to the next generation of individuals that the client wishes to inherit, and not wasted on the catastrophic costs of a nursing home.

  In addition, the firm has represented many individuals in personal injury actions including wrongful deaths, car accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, pedestrian knock downs and many others accidents cases caused by the negligence of others where large monetary recoveries resulted.

      The firm also has handled a large amount of real estate closings involving houses, condos, and coops for buyers, sellers and banks.

      The firm has also represented numerous individuals with respect to hostile work environment, sexual harassment and employment discrimination matters where large monetary recoveries resulted.

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