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Offer in Compromise for the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance

Practice Area: Tax

Outcome: Successful offer in compromise in which the amount due by my client to New York State Department of Taxation and Finance was substantially reduced.

Description: One of my clients posted a very nice review of me, for which I say thank you, in which the client explained in his review which appears on this website about me: "Suzanne Ascher was highly recommended to me by another professional for my New York State problems. I originally owed the state over $200,000.00 for back sales taxes, interest, and penalties from many years ago. It was a very difficult case. Suzanne Ascher worked on my offer in compromise with the state. She also obtained a levy release from the state when they froze my and my family member’s bank account. She worked tirelessly and diligently and never gave up. Everything worked out in my favor. I am satisfied and most of my tax liability was eliminated. I would recommend Suzanne Ascher if come across anyone else who is in need. I found Suzanne Ascher to be a competent tax lawyer and a good friend." I would like to add that my client's situation justified the necessity for the offer in compromise. Further, because every client's case is different, this client was successful with his offer in compromise based on his particular set of facts and circumstances.

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