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Steven Shakhnevich

About Steven Shakhnevich

About me

Steven developed a strong desire to become an attorney during his freshman year of college. In 1999, shortly after enrolling at Pace University to pursue a computer science degree, Steven accepted a part-time internship at the Manhattan law firm of Sherman & Basichas, LLP. That decision changed the entire course of his career.

Steven became fascinated with his work at the law firm and would remain with the firm for the next seven years, as a legal assistant. Steven was actively involved in all aspects of personal injury litigation. In 2006, Steven graduated from Widener University School of Law and would remain with the law firm for one year, as a practicing attorney.

During that time, Steven began to actively expand his practice beyond personal injury litigation and is the founding partner of Shakhnevich Law Group, P.C., having assisted clients in recovering well in excess of $1,000,000 in combined damages over the years.

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