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Adam Leitman Bailey

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  • A Law Firm That Does It's Homework and Gets the Job Done

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stacy

    I am an investor in real estate properties mostly in New York City. I am also a business person working with clients on M&A transactions. I heard about this firm from one of my clients actually who recommended Adam very very strongly. This was my first lawsuit. The case was in a bad mess when I came to Adam. There are seven parties involved in this particular lawsuit and my first set of attorneys really had a strategy that wasn't helpful in the long run and I was very concerned about the outcome of the case when I came to Adam. I purchased an apartment which was adjacent to an apartment that I already owned and apparently the seller of this apartment forged her ex-husband's signature to facilitate the transaction but nobody involved with the transaction appeared to be aware of this and the ex- husband sued all seven parties involved in the transaction so it was a very complicated and messy situation. The lawyers at the firm had very clear understanding of the law and were on a very solid footing so they were not just bluffing which was very important in this case. They also did a lot of background investigation on the parties involved in the case and got a clear sense of their motivation and their past history. They came up with strategies really for each of the parties which I think was very important to do. And I also want to say they collaborated with me, you know, and they made me feel part of the team too. I have worked with a lot of law firms on the business side and I think that Adam Leitman Bailey's attorneys are very creative and strategic in their thinking. I think without a good strategy it's very hard to win and negotiate a settlement so I think it is an extremely strong skill set that they have both in devising a strategy and negotiating in getting us a successful outcome for that strategy.

  • Fantastic Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Linda Coakley

    We rented our personal residence to a very influential wealthy couple and they completely modified our residence without asking permission. We started a legal matter which lasted over ayear without any kind of results. I was very very frustrated by all the amount of energy and theamount of money that we were paying to support this matter and finally a broker, a real estate broker who was really compassionate about the case told me that he had the right person, and he brought me over to Adam Leitman Bailey. In two months, the case was resolved. I had the money that we were asking and the people are still our tenants. We saw light at the end of the tunnel. We had an incredible experience. Adam is fantastic and a genius, he is a leader and everybody else in the firm is as good as well.

  • Highly recommended!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I couldn't recommend Adam more strongly. Adam (and his firm) has the highest of integrity, is proactive for his clients, has incredible knowledge of Real Estate law, follows up impeccably, is accessible and a really a nice person.