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  • If both parties are in the US, can an attorney prepare a document here to transfer a property in Dom. Rep. from husband to wife?

    The husband wants to transfer a property in Dominican Rep. to his wife, can a US Attorney prepare that document, or should they contact an attorney in Dom. Rep. If positive, what would be the cost?

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    You can hire a licensed attorney in the DR to handle the transfer, but since you are both here there will be a lot of papers going back and forth and you will still need to have your signatures on the documents notarized and then have the document "consularized" by county clerk and the NY Dept of State. The process can take awhile if you do not do it all the time. This is NY and there are a number of attorneys here who also licensed to practice in the Dominican Republic. You can find them by doing a Google search. Make sure they have current license to practice in the DR. They ar elikely to have a firm in the DR that they work with.

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