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David Lawrence Ganz

David Ganz’s Legal Guides

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  • Do I Need Title Insurance When I Buy Real Estate?

    Do You Need Title Insurance, and Why Title insurance is normally purchased at the same time as you buy your home. It insures you, the buyer, against certain defects in the title such as that the sel

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  • Working "Off the Books": What to Avoid

    What is Public Awareness of This? Welcome to the world of the multi-billion dollar underground economy. The IRS knows that it exists. Congress is aware of it. So is just about every American who ev

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  • Partition: What It’s All About

    Partition: What It Does Partition is the division of real property so that either compensation, or possession, is given to one or more owners of the property. With a common law history dating back c

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  • Zoning Boards of Adjustment: Mumbojumbo Revealed

    About Zoning Zoning law, and variances from it, are an arcane area of the law that is important for the real estate practitioner to understand, and the general practitioner, as well. Zoning affects r

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