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Kaiser Wahab

Kaiser Wahab’s Legal Guides

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  • Anatomy of an LLC operating agreement

    The following is a summary breakdown of some of the most critical operating agreement provisions. These provide a window into its key functions. (1) ownership interests, (2) purpose, (3) allocation and distribution of profits and losses, (4) special duties and restrictions, (5) voting rights and...

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  • Forming a Company in Delaware (or Not)

    What Kind of Business Operation is Yours? If yours is a company that will likely have real corporate governance issues in the long run (read: shareholder suits, board of director power struggles, a n

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  • Important Clauses to Have in Any Loan Agreement

    Interest Many people do not realize that a no interest loan rarely can be granted. The reason is that the IRS looks as a loan with no interest as a "gift" and that may trigger gift tax upon the lende

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  • How to Care and Love for Your Trademark Once It's Born

    To Be Used Is To Be Loved The most important way to take care of your trademark is to actually use it. In simple terms, it means that you can't put your trademark in moth balls once it's registered.

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