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Jacqueline Bukowski’s reviews

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  • Exceptional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joan M.

    This is an exceptional lawyer, honest, forthright, and very responsive. I was very impressed with the way she stuck with my case and never overcharged. There are not that many lawyers willing to represent tenants these days, so I felt lucky to have someone of her calibre willing to work with me for such reasonable terms.
    I have also called on her to help friends and even someone who once got locked out by her landlord and she has always jumped right in and did what needed to be done to get them off the street until things could get sorted out, without ever asking for a penny of costs upfront. Being homeless is no joke at the best of times, and being homeless in NYC is just about the worst thing I can ever imagine these days, so if you are in trouble with your landlord, the last thing you should do is stick your head in the sand or be reluctant to find a lawyer because you think you can't afford it, or that you can do it yourself. I had a friend who tried and got her case thrown out because she did not know what to do or say correctly in order to have her evidence taken into account by the judge. Landlords are sharks in NYC. Ms. Bukowski is very proactive and isn't scared of their big teeth.

  • If the deal is too good- think twice.

    1.0 star

    Posted by M in NYC

    Came highly recommended by a friend. Initially she was proactive, showed interest in my case. After a month or two, she stopped responding to calls, emails, messages - you hear from her when she wants you to hear from her. She asked me to go to court one day - she told me that the judge wanted to 'see' me. It turned out I was there for a trial. In court she joined the other side and court clerk in ambushing me for a settlement (apparently the judge preferred a settlement) while she was checking her phone and moving in and out the room to deal with other clients. I had to call other lawyers to help me understand what was going on whenever i was in court because she was too busy with her other clients to explain anything to me. The small retainer she charges is not worth the abuse, anxiety and stress you'll go through. I should have seen that a long time ago. Please do yourself a favor and hire someone who actually wants you to succeed. It'll be worth the money.

  • Fantastic, a really hard-working and honest lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Exceptional. Persistent, patient, explained things well and gets results. Worked for a remarkably small retainer considering all she helped me with. I found myself in an illegal sublet through no fault of my own and she helped me with everything, including even trying to find a new place to live. I have recommended her to all my friends and they have been happy with her as well.