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Timothy Parlatore

Timothy Parlatore’s reviews

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  • An excellent, intelligent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mr. Parlatore is a knowledgeable, thorough and resourceful attorney. Mr. Parlatore provided valuable consultation and representation in relation to defending a summons that was issued which ultimately led to a complete dismissal. Mr. Parlatore takes the time to listen to a client's concerns and will develop a sound legal strategy to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved for a client. His knowledge of the law is outstanding and his approach is well-reasoned and targeted for maximum success.

  • Superior Law and Advisement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dwayne

    Simply Outstanding casework that remains at a constant. This attorney continues on retainer for me as he led me step by step through a life shattering Military Discharge. Tim Parlatore Esq. over-turned a prejudiced decision of an Administrative Board from an Other than Honorable to a General Under Honorable Conditions discharge. Due to his diligence, the conditions are suspected to recover ever more fruitful. I have NEVER seen a lawyer more intent on actual justice. In the rare occurrence that Mr. Parlatore himself cannot respond with assistance, he will undoubtedly advise or refer you to someone that can help. He is beyond fair and has made himself available for any and all times as needed.
    I write this review simply to say
    Thank You

  • The best Lawyer I ever seen!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leo Polanco

    Without a doubt, I will strongly recommend counsel Parlaore, especially for those who are and were in the military and those who are looking to win or beat any unfair charges by the police, court, employers and spouses. He’s very professional know the law both civilian and military. His performances speak for itself and worth every penny. If you are truly looking for an excellent defense lawyer, he is your guy guarantee. If you have any questions pertaining Mr.Parlatore, I can be reach via my e-mail [removed by avvo staff]

  • I Chose Parlatore to tell Our Story

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melanie

    I Chose Parlatore to tell Our Story

    Mr. Parlatore was recommended to me by United American Patriots. Although I only spoke with him by phone I was very impressed with the way he talked to me. He spoke in language I could understand. After I drilled him for over an hour, lol I hired him on the spot. That is how comfortable I felt. I must have talked to dozens of attorney’s prior. I felt then and still do that I made the right choice in choosing Mr. Parlatore to handle my son’s case. My son’s case has been on going for five years now and Mr. Parlatore has to catch up fast and try to repair what he can from my son’s tangled case. Military law I found is much harder to work and I have to say Tim is a fighter. He has said and I believe he will not give up on getting my son set free.

    When it came time to meet Mr. Parlatore I was some what nervous. Lawyers intimidate me, but Tim has never made my family feel less of a person than he. He has never come across as stuck up or a know) it all (even if they do) as most attorneys do. He has never rushed me off the phone and has always given me the time I need to say what I need. He consults with me before acting on our case. My son’s case is very public and Mr. Parlatore has never shied away from TV or Radio to discuss my son. He has even attended several benefits in support of my son.

    He has put him self out there for others to contact him, but mind you, he can’t answer all and has to weed out some so it doesn’t turn into a circus. You can’t please everyone and it comes down to my son and I am the ones who matters in this case. As long as we are informed that’s all that’s matters. We are the client not the public.

    My children are everything to me and when you go through such a horrible ordeal has my family has it is hard to trust anyone. Although I have come to trust in Mr. Parlatore with my son’s LIFE and I really do, I still like to be very much involved in my son’s case. I like having copies of paperwork or anything having to do with my son and I can tell you Mr. Parlatore never has given me a problem or acted as I was bothering him.

    I am a mother bear and I will protect my baby cubs. Sometimes, and in this case I need a little help and Timothy Parlatore offered that help and I trust and believe he is perfectly capable of handling the challenge of my son’s case.

    As I stated my son’s case is ongoing so I will give more insight at a later time.
    I love Tim’s personality and I would recommend him to anyone.

  • Went the extra mile

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Bottom-line is that Tim went the extra mile for me and my case when he legally could have been done with it.
    In explanation, our contract was completed and the case had been denied due to some sort of small details beyond our control. Instead of throwing the case to the curb being already paid which many lawyers would have done, Tim thoroughly read everything finding a needle in a haystack for me.

    In the end, justice was served and Mr. Parlatore got what he went after.

    He's as smart and thorough as an attorney can possibly be.

  • Certificate of Relife

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    In 2004 I made fraudulent purchases on a credit card that didnt belong to me and was charged with a felony. It was pleaded down and I was given probation. But now having this on my record was holding me back from moving forward with my life and finding a job. A very close family friend gave me the number to Tim Parlatore and said that if theres anything that could be done Tim could do it. She was absolutely correct! From the moment I met Tim I knew there would be nothing he couldnt do. He was extremely knowledgeable and motivated about the course of action we needed to take to obtain the certificate of relief and explained everything to me in a way that I not only understood but at the same time was filled with a sense of confidence that Tim was the right man for the job.

    I was granted the Certificate of Relief shortly after meeting with Tim for the first time and since then was hired at a brokerage firm here in New York. To this day anytime I have a question or need help putting the certificate to use Tim Parlatore is always there for me 100% with the willingness and know how to overcome any and all situations that may arise. In short my life has greatly improved because of Tim and everything he has done for me. I only wish I had met with him earlier, but had I not met him at all I know I would be living a lesser life. I firmly believe that. There isnt anything that Timothy Parlatore cant do.

  • Felony Charges Resulting in a Dismissal

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph

    When I first met Timothy Parlatore at the Law Offices of Eric Franz, PLLC, my life was a complete mess. Specifically:
    1 - I was facing a horrific felony charge
    2 - demonized in the media with articles written nationwide
    3 - lost my job based on charges alone
    4 - entire financial distress
    5 - and emotionally ripped apart inside.

    Within hours of hearing my story, Timothy had outlined a plan of action to get my life put back together. The entire law firm was committed to helping me and with Tim’s leadership he successfully navigated the complex and tangled web of problems I presented him with.

    Once I decided to retain Tim, my life immediately started to change. Tim began an investigation and was responsive to all my concerns. He coached me through each situation in my life in order to fight back. After battling for me in the court room he managed to deliver superior results. Specifically, he:
    1 – negotiated a conditional plea that results in a dismissal and clean record without going to trial
    2 – got my story back in the media to protect my reputation
    3 - reconnected me to job prospects
    4 – provided a road map to get me out of financial distress
    5 – helped me achieve a happy life.

    I would recommend Tim to anyone and was very happy with his responsiveness, dedication, and care in handling my case.

  • Client of Tim Parlatore

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Tim Parlatore became my attorney at the end of a 5 year battle of fighting for justice and fairness. If I had hired Mr. Parlatore 5 years ago, the fight would have been won within a year! He stayed focused on the issues at hand, studied the case with due diligence, and won the case for me! The case was won by direct verdict by the judge; never made it to the jury!!!!
    Mr. Parlatore, though, somewhat recently was admitted to the bar, is a refined and does a wonderful representation.