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Glen Nicholas Raj

About Glen Raj

About me

My family and I arrived in this country when I was fourteen years old. As a child and a nonimmigrant, my status influenced my calling, and I attended law school pursuing immigration law and human rights law. I am a former dependent of a student visa holder,  I am a former out of status alien,I am a former permanent resident, and now, I am an American citizen by Naturalization.


I began my career with the Department of Cultural Affairs for the City of Chicago. After law school, I served as a Judicial clerk for the Honorable Judge Sheldon Gardner and then as an Attorney for the Office of the Chief Judge for the Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago. With the city, I advised on appellate reviews of most civil issues. In New York, I developed an attorney secondment practice for Fortune 500 corporations and investment banks in the New York City Metro area.


Currently, with the Normandy Law Group, I advise on immigration matters, including family, corporate, and employment immigration matters.

I am a director for the Alliance for the Advancement for Equal Rights, and a pro bono managing attorney for Equality Alliance. I have served as the Diversity Chairperson for the Chicago Bar Association YLS.



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