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  • Getting Fired - The Most Important Thing To Do

    I recently spoke to a mid-level executive at a technology firm who just found out that he was being put on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). If you are put on a PIP, then you know you are going to be fired. There other signs that the end is near and certain - what should yo...

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  • Executive Compensation Tools - The "Put Right"

    If part of your compensation comes in the form of company stock, you should know about "put rights." Company founders, key executives and others who work for new ventures and established firms are often paid in company stock. What happens if they get pushed out of the company an...

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  • It's Bonus Season - Did You Get Yours

    It's that time of year. Everyone is getting their bonus. We get a lot calls this time of year from people who didn't get theirs. I just got off the phone with an executive with a major investment bank and he is not getting his bonus. They just fired him and told him that he is ...

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  • Overtime Pay for Computer, IT and High Tech Workers

    Many IT and high tech workers are entitled to overtime pay. Our law firm currently represents hundreds of IT and high tech workers who are owed millions in unpaid overtime. If you work in IT or the high tech industry, how can you tell if you are entitled to overtime pay? The vi...

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  • Stopping Sexual Harassment - The First Step to Take

    If you are being sexually harassed at work, the first thing to do is ask the company for help. If you don't tell the company about the sexual harassment and ask them to stop it, then you could be barred from suing the company. The law requires sexual harassment victims to first ...

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  • Creative Approaches to Avoiding "Standard Severance Policies"

    Two Ways to Alter the Standard Severance Pay Policy Often an employer will resist altering a standard severance package, especially in the case of a large layoff. In this case, it is important to fin

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