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Victoria A. Donoghue

Victoria Donoghue’s Answers

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  • N-652: A decision cannot yet be made about your application

    hi i did my interview for U.S. citizenship (N400) based on 3 years marriage Everything went great, I answered all the questions correct, there were no issues. and then the officer gave me form N652 and told me that I passed the english & history...

    Victoria’s Answer

    I think it would help to send them a letter inquiring about the status of the case and providing a copy of the deed. I wouldn't rely on them to find it. Hopefully you have the officer's name. I would send the letter directly to him or her by Federal Express.

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  • I'll soon be eligible to file for citizenship however I never filed for income taxes

    I got my Green Card in 2005,I'll soon be eligible for Citizenship. During the those 5 years, I was in school and I didn't work so no income to file. I would like to know if not filing for income those years could effect my chances for citizenship....

    Victoria’s Answer

    Assuming not criminal issues you should be ok. There's no obligation to file taxes unless you have income.

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