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Oliver James Herzfeld

About Oliver Herzfeld

About me

Over 20 years of consistent achievement while serving as an instrumental member of and trusted legal adviser to executive management; building and leading world-class legal teams; managing outside counsel; creating powerful internal and external alliances; managing through contingency events and change; and overseeing all aspects of the corporate legal function, corporate governance and compliance.


Areas of focus include:

• Commercial transactions
• Licensing and intellectual property
• Employment matters
• Strategic planning
• Developing and directing the corporate legal function
• Risk management and dispute resolution


Oliver Herzfeld oversees all aspects of the Legal department of The Beanstalk Group. More specifically, Oliver manages Beanstalk’s Legal team that drafts and negotiates all license agreements on behalf of Beanstalk's clients; manages Beanstalk’s Contract Administration team that conducts financial and contractual integrity validation and verification, as well as administrative processing and distribution, for all license, representation, sub-agent, acquisition, consulting, finder fee and other agreements involving Beanstalk and/or its clients; and personally drafts and negotiates all representation agreements with Beanstalk’s clients.


Prior to joining Beanstalk, Oliver was a partner at Joseph & Herzfeld LLP where he specialized in corporate, intellectual property and employment law. He has also worked in the corporate sector as chief legal officer of w-Technologies, a leading wireless software firm, and as general counsel of The Capital Markets Company, a technology solutions firm focused on financial services. His responsibilities included commercial, intellectual property and employment law, as well as dispute resolution. Previously, Oliver served as functional general counsel of intellectual property, technology, and licensing at J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated. Oliver began his legal career as an associate at Sullivan & Cromwell where he worked on a broad range of corporate and securities matters.


Oliver earned a bachelor of arts, cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from New York University, and a JD from Columbia University School of Law.


Oliver is deeply involved in several social service organizations in his community, is a mediator for the MediateArt program of Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, and performs pro bono legal work for not-for-profit organizations.

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