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Maurice N Ross

About Maurice Ross

About me

I am a  trial lawyer and client counselor focusing on intellectual property, patent litigation, commercial litigation, entertainment law, civil liberties law, constitutional law and criminal defense. I believe in maintaining a varied law practice, representing both individual and corporate clients. Further, I believe it is important to engage in pro bono representation of clients on matters that serve the public interest, and I have devoted a considerable amount of effort on pro bono matters, including representation of death row inmates seeking post-conviction relief. I also try to make room in my practice for developing relationships with individuals in the entertainment business and small businesses who are at the beginning of their careers and need kind  and realistic advice and assistance from a lawyer who truly cares. I pick up my own phone when you call me and I will always return your e-mails, phone calls and text messages.  More recently I have come to realize the enormously positive impact that the internet and other new technologies can have on the legal profession--resulting in more productive, efficient and successful attorney-client relationships.

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