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People of the State of New York v (client name protected)

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: dismissal

Description: I represented a young Iraq war veteran who was falsely accused of vehicular homicide. A "friend" of my client had used his car without permission and ran down a pedestrian in the Bronx. He left the scene of the accident and told my client the car had been damaged in the course of a parking lot brawl. My client was arrested driving his damaged vehcile home. Despite his protests, the police were convinced they had the right suspect and my client spent 6 days in Riker's Island. Within days of being retained, I was able to secure parking lot surviellance video which showed the other party driving off in my client's car and then returning minutes later, with severe front-end damage. The evidence was enough to secure my client's immediate release and the unltimate dismissal of the charges.

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