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Ronald Anthony Sarno

About Ronald Sarno

About me

Mr. Sarno works both in New York City and Ridgewood, New Jersey. His New York firm Sarno &  DeFelice, LLC,   provides  general law representation for individuals and businesses. The law firm's clients include DUMANN REALTY, DUMANN  DESIGN AND BUILD, DUMANN ASSOCIATES, 2004 BOWERY PARTNERS, LLC,  AGORAFY, Inc., 2699 DOUGLAS PARTNERS LLC, CALICO JUNO DESIGNS, MABCURE, Inc.. His New Jersey clients include McKENNA,INC.,(Philadelphia) an asset management firm, GRACE REFORMED BAPTIST CHURCH (Newark), EVERYTHANG GREEN LLC,   a film production company,  SUPREME COMFORT PLUS, a matress manufacturer,  and KFI MANAGEMENT, Inc., a property management firm.

He is representing the California company ELECTRA MOTORSPORTS , a defendant in a New Jersey matter. Mr. Sarno is often hired by fellow attorneys to represent them in court.

In the state  of New Jersey he is a certified trial attorney so designated by the Supreme Court of  New Jersey, which is a demonstration and recognition of his trial skills and knowledge and application of the Rules of Evidence. Of the 85,000 lawyers in New Jersey, only 1,600 have earned this designation which requires positive comments from trial judges and lawyer adversaries prior to acceptance.

Mr. Sarno has  extensive experience  in medical managament before becoming a lawyer.  He has a rich educational background also; he has an  A.B. and M.A. from Boston College where he majored in English; he has a Ph.D. in education and media studies  from New York University, and his legal education was at Fordham University in New York City. He has often represented NYC real estate brokers and  both property owners  and tenants in court. In both NY and NY he has represented both buyers and sellers of  commercial, mixed use, and residential real estate.

He has done numerous bench and jury trials both in Federal and State courts in New Jersey and New York.  He has participated in several major real estate and  medical cases involving multi-million dollar issues. He is an active trial litigator in both New York and New Jersey courts. He has participated in multiple mediations, arbitrations and judicial settlement conferences. In 2012 he assisted three clients in securing $257,890 in awards.  He is also well versed in landlord/tenant litigation, family law and probate litigation.

He is a founding member of New Jersey Lawyers Network, an internet chat site for almost two hundred lawyers, who share their expertise about  many legal issue to improve their service to clients. He is a volunteer with the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Education which provides seminars on continual legal education for lawyers. He acts as a copyright lawyer for his wife Dr. Una McGinley Sarno (Ph.D.) whose two  textbooks on LEARN TO THINK AND WRITE (Introductory Levels) and (Advanced Levels) have been published in November, 2011. The texts have been purchased by close to 85  university and college libraries around the world.
He had been selected  in 2011 to act as a volunteer judge for the 16th annual Mock Trial Invitational at Yale University. Twice his fellow attorney judges selected him as a presiding judge. In 2012 he was selected as a volunteer judge for the Yale University Regional Mock Trial Tournament, and again twice his fellow attorneys selected him as the presiding judge. He has recently completed judging the 17th annual Mock Trial Invitational at Yale, where four times he was selected as the presiding judge and has been invited to return as a judge in the 2013 Regional Mock Trial Tournament.