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Steven Warren Smollens

Steven Smollens’s Legal Guides

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  • The Subject Is Bedbugs: Part 3 -- A Bit About The Bug Itself and Us

    The Bedbug is an animal, a type of arthropod, (the largest phylum of animal life), it is an insect, of the order Heteroptera (the so-called 'true bugs') a member of the family Cimicidae, and sometimes goes by the name of Cimex lectularius. We (that is human beings) and the bedbu...

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  • The Subject is Bedbugs: Part 2

    New York State has begun to fight back against the bedbug. A new Bedbug Notification Law requires that landlords inform incoming tenants whether the apartment being rented or another apartment in the same building had been infested with bedbugs within the previous year. New York ...

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  • The Subject Is Bedbugs: Part 1

    THE SUBJECT IS BEDBUGS I. THE CIRCLE OF LIFE: PAST GENERATIONS EVERYDAY EXPERIENCE RETURNS TO BE COMMONPLACE New York City announced on July 28, 2010, a new strategy to implement in the battle against the bedbug. A matter of interest to persons facing both bedbugs and a court cas...

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