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Kenneth A. Eiges

About Kenneth Eiges

About me

Kenneth Eiges has been representing clients in matrimonial matters for the past 30 years. He has successfully completed over 3000 divorces. He is not only an aggressive litigator he is a skilled divorce mediator. The combination of these two skills lead to creative and lasting divorce settlements. He is AV rated. This top rating is determined by the opinions of over 30 attorneys who recognized his skill and professionalism. As an award winning attorney he has hosted radio shows and appeared on television. He has lectured and writes extensively on divorce matters. During his 30 years of experience he has developed a conceptual understanding and unique insight of the interplay between the legal system and emotional reactions of his clients during the divorce process. His quote "Controlling the expectations of a client is the foundation of successful divorce negotiations has been followed by many lawyers in the divorce field. Controlling expectations means standing in the shoes of the client and making the client part of the divorce process." His experience and depth of knowledge will provide you with the best legal representation available.

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