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6-Figure Settlement For Teen Who Caused Fir

Case Conclusion Date: 01.11.2013

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Settlement

Description: The client received burns to his hand and arm after he caused a kitchen fire by frying chicken. The fire started when the client left the pot unattended to use the bathroom. When he returned to the kitchen, the client exacerbated the situation by trying to douse the fire with water. However, the apartment's smoke detector failed to work. Rothstein Law's investigation showed that the family had moved in less than 1 week before and that the smoke alarm, which was electrical, had not been connected. The building’s insurance company initially refused to make an offer because the client's father signed a lease indicating that the alarm was working when he signed it. However, Mr. Rothstein got the Property Manager to admit during his deposition that the alarm did not work when he tested it after the fire. As a result of this admission, the carrier changed position and the case settled for a 6-figure number.

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