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Not guilty is robbery case

Case Conclusion Date: 01.09.2013

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Not Guilty Verdict

Description: The client was accused of robbing a wheelchair bound man in the vestibule of his apartment building lobby. On its face, the complaining witness appeared to be a sympathetic figure. However, Mr. Rothstein's investigation revealed that he has been a criminal and drug addict since age 8, lied to his doctors and a Judge, and failed to notice that the client had a large skin discoloration running from his neck to forearm and a large tattoo from the forearm to wrist. The failure to notice these physical characteristics proved fatal to the prosecution because Mr. Rothstein established that the complaining witness had seen the person who attacked him 30-60 times in the one or two months before the incident. Mr. Rothstein was able to convince the jury that the client was the victim of a mistaken identification. Mr. Rothstein shredded the witnesses' credibility and reliability while also vigorously attacking the police work. Mr. Rothstein's investigation established that the arresting officer nominated himself for Cop of the Month for making the arrest but forced the DA to concede that the officer's performance had been "mediocre" and not worthy of the award. The jury returned its not guilty verdict in only 35 minutes.

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