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Drugs Suppressed For Client On Lifetime Parole

Case Conclusion Date: 11.05.2010

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Case Dismissed

Description: Rothstein Law PLLC Drugs Suppressed For Client On Lifetime Parole. Another attorney retained Eric Rothstein to handle a suppression hearing for the client who was arrested for felony drug possession while he was on lifetime parole. The police testified that they responded to the client's building in response to an anonymous call of shots... fired at the location. However, during cross-examination, Mr. Rothstein established that the police stayed inside the location, a two-family home, for over three hours before encountering the client despite finding no evidence that any shots had been fired. As a result of, the Judge ruled that because the police cannot act as an occupying army and stay inside a private home for such a long period of time without any basis to do so, the drugs had to be suppressed. This victory saved the client from being returned to jail for possibly life.

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