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Carolyn Kubitschek’s Answers

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  • How can I get my child home with me again?

    My child cut school and was caught in an abondon house with 5 other kids. She was 12 years old. She pleaded guilt to graffity and was placed on probation for 18 moths. She violated probation by going to school late and smoking pots twice. ACS ...

    Carolyn’s Answer

    Your child was represented by a lawyer when she was placed with ACS. She (or you) should call that lawyer immediately and ask that lawyer for assistance.

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  • What are my rights as a foster care parent?

    Three years ago my mother took custody of her handicap grandson and his sister. His sister has no blood relation, however, my mom didnt want to separate them. This week, her grandson past away and now ACS is trying to take his sister away. there i...

    Carolyn’s Answer

    Your mother is legally entitled to a conference before her foster child is removed, and a hearing if she is not successful at the conference. She may also be able to get an immediate hearing in the Family Court.

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