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Lawrence James Fredella

About Lawrence Fredella

About me

Mr. Fredella is one of the top criminal defense attorneys in New York city having tried more than 40 homicides to verdict as both prosecutor and defense attorney, with a 90% win rate he always gives his clients the best possible defense.  While homicides are his favorite type of case to try, he handles all types of criminal cases in the 5 boroughs.  His experience is second to none.

He has handled high profile murder cases and other publicity cases in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and a homicide in Staten Island as well.  The threat of going to trial is so important in a criminal case.  A strong trial attorney who can deliver in the end has a better chance of obtaining a dismissal or lighter plea and sentence earlier on. 

He served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, from August 1994 to October 2008.   From September 2000 until he resigned on October 24, 2008, he served as a Senior Trial Attorney in the Homicide Bureau where he investigated hundreds of homicides.  During his time in the Homicide Bureau he presented more than fifty cases to the Grand Jury and conducted more than 50 pre-trial hearings.  Mr. Fredella conducted more than 34 solo homicides jury trials.  He has tried more than 50 solo felony jury trials during his tenure in the D.A.'s office, producing an overall 90% conviction rate.

   Mr. Fredella handled numerous, major complex homicides during his time in the bureau, including several high-publicity cases.  He handled the initial investigation and Grand Jury presentation of the robbery of a pizza boy in East New York, where Mark Rushion shot and killed the victim over a few dollars. At trial he testified to the Mirandized video-taped statement he took from the defendant and to his investigation. 

   Mr. Fredella also handled the execution murder of two Latin Kings by a member of the Bloods street gang, Dawan Vinson, obtaining a conviction after a jury trial for Murder in the Second Degree. 

   From the inception of the case, Mr. Fredella also handled the high publicity, vicious robbery and execution-style murder of Tony Rodgers by John Roberts in which the jury convicted Roberts of Murder in the First Degree and he was sentenced to life without parole.

   During his tenure in the Homicide Bureau, as part of the riding program, he also was involved in the initial or follow-up investigations for more than 200 homicides. Mr. Fredella performed riding duties as a member of the Homicide Bureau and took more than 100 sworn audio-taped statements and more than 25 Mirandized video-taped statements from homicide suspects or defendants.  Mr. Fredella has also testified in regards to his investigations on numerous occasions, including more than 15 times on murder cases.

   After the September 11, 2001 attack, Mr. Fredella took a leave of absence from the KCDA’s Office and joined the United States Army Reserve to serve his country.  At the rank of First Lieutenant, he deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, in 2004.  He served a six-month tour in Iraq with a special detachment under the Multi-National Force in Iraq.  He served as an advisor to the Staff Judge Advocate in the combat theater who was the direct legal advisor to the Commander in Iraq, General William Casey.  Mr. Fredella also worked on various issues ranging from supervising the funds made available as rewards for information provided in the capture of key enemy insurgents and terrorist leaders in Iraq; providing legal advice in support of the Interim Iraqi Government; and acting as a Watch Officer in the Strategic Operations Center where he conducted legal coordination with CENTCOM, the Joint Staff, and the Department of State.  Mr. Fredella also drafted a major revision to the U.S. Interrogation and Counter Resistance Policy after the investigation at Abu Ghraib detention facility.  Mr. Fredella routinely served as a vehicle commander in combat convoys along the most ambushed route in all of Iraq.  Mr. Fredella was awarded various medals for his service in Iraq, including the Joint Service Commendation Medal, the National Defense Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal.  On October 26, 2006, he was Honorably Discharged at the rank of Captain, as a combat veteran.