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Bruce Provda

About Bruce Provda

About me

Anyone going through a divorce and the associated very difficult decisions relating to the children (if there are any) marital assets and future earnings, support and maintenance needs an experienced, skilful, compassionate and result driven divorce and family law attorney.


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With more than 35 years of experience, Bruce Provda is one of New York’s most experienced divorce and family law attorneys. He is a lawyer who concentrates exclusively on his clients’ rights, their interests and how to achieve the best result possible in any circumstance.

Bruce has represented thousands of clients going through different kinds of divorce, legal separation or other family law related matters for more than three decades. With his extensive knowledge of the law and high level of expertise, he provides his clients with cutting edge service. No matter how complex or difficult aspects of your case may be, Bruce will work with you to find creative solutions to them by expertly simplifying matters and spreading your options out for you to make an informed decision. 


Provda Law Firm

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New York, NY 10005

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