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Penn Anderson Dodson

About Penn Dodson

About me

We help workers get paid the wages and compensation they should have gotten paid in the first place.  


I am the WORST kind of employment lawyer -- I actually care about getting my clients what they deserve, I'm persistent and tenacious, and I know what I'm doing.


I represent individuals (and classes of individuals) in cases including unpaid and underpaid wages (overtime, minimum wage, commission nonpayment, improper tip payment practices... basically anything related to workers not getting paid what they should have).  I do this on a contingency basis the vast majority of the time, so that clients don't have to pay my fees out of their pockets.


I also review employment contracts (non-competes, severance agreements, etc.) for a flat fee to give my clients predictability, and try to offer advice beyond just a technical legal analysis based on over a decade of experience watching how things tend to play out in various employment situations.

I'm a member of the NY Bar and GA Bars, and can handle cases in both jurisdictions.