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Bruce E. Colfin

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  • I recorded a song at a studio, what prevents the studio from saying they wrote my song? Will a phone recording hold up?

    I wrote the songs but the only time stamped evidence is my iphone voice memo recordings. The dates on the phone recordings are permanent but I am not going to have my phone forever. When I added the voice memos from my phone to my computer, th...

    Bruce’s Answer

    If you have any fear of someone at a studio claiming that they wrote your song, then you should register the copyright in your musical composition sooner than later. Why wait until you have a finished sound recording? For a $35.00 dollar fee to the Copyright Office you can register the copyright in the words and music of your composition by uploading a copy of the telephone recording. The registration (and proof of ownership) would be effective as of the day the copyright office receives the payment, electronic application, and uploaded copy. That could be as soon as it takes for you to actually do that after reading this answer.

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  • Is a contract binding if a person fires you?

    I entered into a contract for a non paying film job, after being told multiple times that the job i was doing needed more heavy and advanced work, despite having already done previous work without any complaints and much praise. I decided to give ...

    Bruce’s Answer

    Valid contracts are binding. There may be continuing obligations from you to them, and perhaps from them to you as well. I would need to see the actual agreement you signed to see what obligations and liabilities may have existed prior to termination and subsequent to termination. I have drafted or consulted on numerous entertainment and film related agreements over the years.

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