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Sarah Fern Meil

About Sarah Meil

About me

Whether you're a janitor, a teacher, a C-level executive, whether you trace your roots back to George Washington or you're a recent immigrant, whether you're devoutly religious, gay, lesbian or transgendered, young in age, or just young at heart - you deserve to be free of employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, illegal firing and all other unfair labor practices.  Workers have rights on the job!  I am an employment law attorney who helps whistleblowers, employees who have been discriminated against, those who have experienced unjust retaliation and many other employees get the justice they deserve.  Unfortunately, some employers still discriminate against, harass, unlawfully terminate and subject employees to a hostile work environment based on disability, pregnancy, age, race, national original, religion, sexual orientation, exercising FMLA rights, failure to pay overtime and standing up for what is right.  Fortunately, federal and state laws protect people against violations of these civil rights.


You can contact me by e-mail to or by phone at (908) 995-7320.  Visit my website to learn more about me, my practice and employee rights.