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  • I want a divorce and the house is in my name and was purchased prior to the marriage. We moved in together but I made the purch

    purchase of the house in my name with my $$ does he get half, and if so, is that after the mortgage is paid? Also, he has two vehicles that he owns in his name (no lender) which are currently registered and insured in my name how can I want to ha...

    Ivan’s Answer

    more info is needed regarding the house. if you purchased the house prior to being married with your personal money, it would be considered separate property which you get to keep. However if you were paying mortgage out of marital funds during the marriage, its likely that part of the equity in the house will be considered marital property.
    Of course the outstanding mortgage would have to be considered. your ex would be entitle to a part of the equity in the house if marital funds were used.
    The cars would be deal with as part of divorce. half of that property would be yours as well if it was bought with marital funds.
    Talk to a couple of divorce attorneys to get a better idea. Most, including myself, offer free consultations

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  • How much max. time can I take to respond to divorce notice after receiving for the first time.

    My wife has applied for divorce and I have collected the Divorce notice Xerox copy (guaranteed Supernova) on 12/12/2013 through court person in hand. But in the notice it mentioned the date 12/06/2013 and mentioned my office address an also mentio...

    Ivan’s Answer

    You have 35 days from the day you were actually served with the Complaint. You should at least consult an attorney before filing an answer. divorce is a very serious matter with potentially long lasting consequences.
    Most divorce attorneys, including myself offer free consultations.

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  • I have a 43 year old neighbor harassing my 16 15 year old daughter he just got arrested for cigarette smuggling and he is trying

    he follows them he pulls at his private at them he stares and licks his lips at them

    Ivan’s Answer

    Call your local police department, I am sure they will have a conversation with him. Sounds like a criminal matter.

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  • My ex-wife filled for Divorce and Child support and I was never informed, served. Now i have 70K in back child support.

    I was never served with any documents to appear in court. All documents in the filings where based in fraud, a violation of my due process rights, fraud on the court. The judge who allowed this to happen as since retired. What can I do?

    Ivan’s Answer

    As other counsel has previously pointed out, you should meet with a divorce attorney who practices in the area to discuss your case.
    You would need to file a motion to re-open the case and have the child support reconsidered. There are many factors here and I could give you an opinion regarding your case only after I have reviewed all the paperwork in your case.
    This is not something you would be able to do by yourself. Get an attorney as soon as you can.

    Many attorneys in the area, including myself offer free consultations and flexible payment plans

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  • Recieved in mail a summons to appear at cjp court

    About 2 years ago i worked for a retail store, i was questioned by store loss prevention about missing product, i never signed anything and was sent home until i hear from them. i never heard anything, well 2 years later i recieve this summons in ...

    Ivan’s Answer

    If you hire an attorney, he/she will easily get the case adjourned for you. You can also call the court to adjourn it.
    These could be serious charges, at least consult with an attorney.
    Most attorneys including myself offer free consultations and flexible payment plans

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  • I have a summary judgement against me for 20,000. Can the collection attorneys sell my house if i cannot pay?

    Credit Card debt from 5 years ago and was sued by a famous group in NJ that play hardball. 2 years ago they offer to settle for $5,000. I offered to pay it monthly and never hear from them and then a Summary Judgement. I'm going to contact them ag...

    Ivan’s Answer

    You should consult with a bankruptcy attorney. You may very well still qualify for bankruptcy even with equity in the house. There is always ch 13 even if you have a lot of equity.
    There are other possibilities as well. It is not likely that they can force a sale of the house. However they will record a lien against the property.
    You need a bankruptcy attorney who works closely with a real estate professional. Most, including myself offer free consultations and flexible payment plans

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  • NJ medical malpractice contingency rate?

    In NJ, most lawyers take medical malpractice case on contingency basis. I know there is a limit on contingency rate in NJ, such as 1/3 for the first 0.5 million and 30% for the second 0.5 million. But is the contingency rate negotiable? What is th...

    Ivan’s Answer

    most lawyers charge 1/3 contingency fees. there are some who charge 29 and even 27 percent in some instances. I have not seen any lower numbers

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  • I currently live in kentucky but have a warrant in nj for simple assault

    I was going to family court not knowing I had to also go to court in the municipality also not receiving any notice. How can I take care of this from kentucky

    Ivan’s Answer

    A couple of ways..You could come to NJ, pay the bail (if any) and have the court schedule another court date for the simple assault. After that you would have to attend court in 2-4 weeks to work out a plea agreement with the prosecutor or go to trial. If you plan to go to trial, the case will likely be rescheduled.
    Or you could hire an attorney to resolve this matter for you. The court may demand for you to be physically present but most of the time they will allow you to enter a written plea through your attorney.
    If the person you have allegedly assaulted does not show up at the first hearing, the case will be rescheduled. If he/she does not show up at the 2nd hearing, the court will likely dismiss the case.
    If the person does show up, in most circumstances an attorney would be able to work out a plea agreement with the prosecutor.

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  • I want to file a cross motion to a "Notice of Motion to Emancipate" Docket # FM-12-1442-00 what form should I use.

    I need an attorney but cant afford one. Court said because its civil action they can not appoint one. I need an attorney for advise and I am willing to pay what I can. I am trying to file "cross motion" & "respond to motion" for the FM-12-144...

    Ivan’s Answer

    If you are just responding to the original motion, in other words opposing the emancipation, you don't need to file a cross motion. If you are asking for some other relief, such as back child support or college payments, then you need to file a cross motion.

    Cross motion would have the same format as a regular motion with the addition of argument opposing the original motion. A response would just contains the arguments against emancipation and whatever else was argued in the original motion.

    There is a reduced fee lawyer referral program in Middlesex County. I am a member of this program. Attorneys provide services at a reduced fee for people who qualify based on their income. The program cost of child support actions such as yours is approximately $500, much lower than the usual $1200-1500 charged for this service by local attorneys.

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  • I was charge for2c:20-7 the charge say amended 3is that a felony

    Please need the answer I want to another country

    Ivan’s Answer

    Depends on the amount of property involved. Could be anywhere from 2nd degree crime to DP offense.

    Second Degree: Value of goods $75,000.00 or more
    Third Degree: Value of goods between $500.00 and $75,000.00
    Fourth Degree: Value of goods between $200.00 and $500.00
    Disorderly Persons Offense: Value of goods less than $200.00

    NJ does not have felonies and misdemeanors like other states, our system qualifies it a "crime" or a violation depending on the severity of the transgression. Anything 3rd degree and above is a "crime" and would be considered a felony in other states

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