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Matthew R Schutz

Matthew Schutz’s Legal Guides

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  • Court Ordered Driver License Suspension in New Jersey

    Most people think that the MVC is the only body to suspend driving privileges. They would be wrong. NJSA 39:5-31 governs the power of the Court to suspend New Jersey driving privileges. It reads in pertinent part: 39:5-31. Revocation of Drivers license by director or magistrate...

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  • Municipal Court Defense Part 2

    MUNICIPAL COURT DEFENSE PART 2 Part of defending traffic violations in Municipal Court is checking the admissibility and accuracy of the States case. This has application in all cases, but particularly in DWI/DUI and speeding cases, where the state relies on technological systems...

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  • New Jersey Debt Collection Basics

    Debt collection is a complex field. State and Federal laws have expanded debtor rights, especially in the consumer area. Furthermore, obtaining judgment, while important, is less than half the battle. Once obtained, the judgment must be enforced. The purpose of this writing is...

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  • New Jersey Landlord/Tenant Move In Issues

    New Jersey Landlord/Tenant Move In New Jersey landlord/tenant law can be complicated. Changes enacted by the legislature and the courts have made both the renting and eviction process much more difficult. If you do not have appropriate provisions in your lease or do not follow th...

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  • Municipal Court Procedural Defenses Part One

    In addition to being not guilty, there are procedural defenses that are available to defendants in Municipal Court. The two examples I would like to look at in this paper are discovery and probable cause. New Jersey Court rules allow municipal court defendants to obtain discovery...

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