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Anthony J Murgatroyd

Anthony Murgatroyd’s Answers

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  • In state of NJ, what are repercussions for being held 20% liable for a car accident?

    Will 20% liability considered "at fault" accident in NJ and will it increase insurance rates? Also do we have to pay for 20% of other party's damages? It was a minor accident. Please help me understand any and all repercussions and also if I do no...

    Anthony’s Answer

    Whether or not the 20% fault evaluation will increase your rates will depend on the underwriting guidelines of your insurer since the insurance companies all have different criteria. Your car insurance agent should be able to answer the question.

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  • Is it ok to change lawyers if you're currently not done with a previous accident claim from a year ago and had another accident?

    Had an auto accident about a year an a half ago. Filed claim, and still ongoing as I'm still getting treatments. Had another more serious accident/injury this year and would want to hire a different lawyer who has more experience and specialty wit...

    Anthony’s Answer

    Yes you can hire a new lawyer at any time.

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