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Michelle J Douglass

Michelle Douglass’s Legal Guides

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  • Do You Have A Case ? (Employment Law Case)

    You've just been fired, or the job or promotion you know you earned has just been given to someone with half your qualifications. Suspiciously, that person may also be much younger, white, and male. Do you have a case? It depends. The temptation might be to jump to the conclusion...

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    New Jersey unemployment compensation provide employees who lose their job due to no fault of their own with a form of compensation while they remain unemployed and continue looking for new work. The New Jersey Department of Labor has a process in order to determine whether ...

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  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and The Division on Civil Rights (DCR) Explained

    Overview The EEOC is a Federally run civil rights agency. The DCR is funded and sponsored by the State of New Jersey. The EEOC is equipped to handle discrimination complaints involving Federal law. I

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