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Charles Gary Resnick

About Charles Resnick

About me

I consider myself a people person.  I like to know the client and have them know me.  The Attorney-Client privilege is extremely important as we work together as a team.  YOUR interests are my Number One concern.  My job is to represent them to the best of my talent and ability.  In 36 years, I have done this very successfully for thousands of people.  In some instances, I have represented several generations from the same family.  I will always be straightforward and honest with you and only do what makes sense for you under the circumstances.  I work for you.  You do not work for me.  I explain options and make recommendations.  You make decisions.  I guide you every step of the way to do what is best for you.  That said, once we create a game plan, I am your warrior if we have to go to battle.  I practice law with a good heart, a strong mind and a stronger will. That said, my reputation is as a pitbull or bulldog for my client's interests. It is rare I do not achieve results that are acceptable to my clients.  I went to law school to be able to help people.  I am proud to have made a successful career out of doing what I love.   I am very often a clearing house of services.  If I cannot solve your problems, I usually have a colleague who can assist us get you where you need to go.  I make and receive referrals from colleagues all around the country.   I look forward to helping you through any issues you may have.  Feel free to contact me as your needs require.