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Ronald J Cappuccio

Ronald Cappuccio’s Legal Guides

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  • IRS Installment Agreement to pay past due taxes

    IRS Installment Agreements Installment Payment of Taxes Tax Installment Agreements allow you to pay taxes owed to the Internal Revenue Service monthly.Individualsandbusinesstaxpayers can qualify for installment payment plans. Ability to Pay Just because taxes are owed to the IRS...

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  • Handling IRS Notice of Levy against an Employee

    If you have received a Notice of Levy from the IRS of an employee's wages or for monies owed to a creditor, you have obligations as well as rights. First, remember that the Notice of Levy is not for taxes that you owe, but rather is for taxes that may be owed by the person levie...

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  • IRS Increases Tax Audits

    IRS Increases Audits IRS enforcement numbers, released December 22, 2009, show that returns under that amount have a 1 percent chance of getting audited. Returns showing income of $200,000 and above have a nearly 3 percent audit chance. The percentage jumps to more than 6 percen...

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