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David F Salvaggio

About David Salvaggio

About me


How We Are Really Different -- At Salvaggio Law Group LLC, we realize that each person’s situation is unique and that you deserve to be educated on all of your options – not just the traditional litigation approach, which will frequently generate higher lawyer’s fees, take longer and cause more conflict than other available ways to attempt to resolve your dispute.  


That’s why, at Salvaggio Law Group, you’ll find:


•             A client-focused approach, where the client’s needs -- not our profit --comes first.


•             The option of an individually customized fee structure, which in the appropriate case will eliminate the uncertainty of hourly billing.


•             New Jersey Legal Professionals who will dedicate the time needed to keep you advised every step of the way.   


New Jersey Family Law Matters Are All We Do.  Because of our singular focus and our experience, we can help you feel more comfortable about where you stand and all of your options.


At Salvaggio Law Group, we handle a limited number of cases at any given time. We don’t take on more than we can manage. Therefore, when a client needs our attention, we have the time to provide what is needed. 


The first step is to call the firm.  The telephone number is 973-455-1220. 


If your case is one that we would consider handling, I will take the time to talk to you personally and, if appropriate, schedule a personal and confidential Assessment in our office.


We really are here to help. 


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