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Claudia A Reis

About Claudia Reis

About me


Claudia A. Reis has devoted her legal career to the practice of employment law.  While she previously defended and counseled large and small corporate clients as well as governmental agencies on various employment issues, she now focuses her career on representing individuals who have been subjected to unlawful and/or otherwise wrongful workplace conduct.  Ms. Reis credits her prior experience of defending and counseling employers with her ability to assess clients and cases from the minute they enter our offices.  This ability enables Ms. Reis to (1) anticipate, strategize, and maneuver around defense counsel tactics and (2) advocate more aggressively on behalf of her clients by being more proactive and anticipating the typical methods used by defense attorneys to stall litigation and/or otherwise intimidate their former employees. 

Throughout her career, Ms. Reis has developed a personalized approach to the practice of law.  This approach requires that she spend sufficient time with each client so as to understand his/her work environment, job duties, situation, needs, desires, drives, strengths, weaknesses, and damages.  Accordingly, Ms. Reis's professional relationships foster interaction  and trust that enable open, frank and honest discussions that serve her clients' needs in the most efficient, economic, personal, and direct manner. 

Ms. Reis's practice embraces all aspects of employment law, including sexual harassment, discrimination (relating to sex, age, race, sexual orientation, national origin, familial status, domestic partnership status, religion, impermissible gender stereotyping, sex gender identity or expression,  pregnancy, disability, liability for services in the Armed Forces), retaliation, and claims relating to both state and federal leave acts and wage and hour laws.  In addition, Ms. Reis provides clients with advice on various employment matters, including, but not limited to, employees' expectation of privacy in the workplace.  She also routinely reviews, revises, drafts, and provides advice regarding severance agreements, agreements to arbitrate, settlement agreements and releases, and personnel handbooks.  Throughout the years, she has also successfully tried cases, represented clients in various administrative forums, worked on numerous appeals, and represented clients in mediations and negotiations that were court-ordered, private, and/or required by administrative agencies. 


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