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Jamison M Mark

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  • awesome lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anuj

    awesome lawyer. Mark law firm is awesome. They are very professional and they reduced my bill by 3000$. I will definitely recommend this lawyer and their firm.

  • Piggybacking on all the other positive reviews here and in other places around the internet

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim

    First off, as my subject title says, I am piggybacking off of all the other positive testimonials here as well as where I have seen others around the internet. No need to be repetitive.

    I will add that Jamison Mark is not just an attorney, but he controls a firm. That means that there are other attorneys working with him both within the office he has chosen to mainly stay in, plus in other areas. What that means is that since there are so many laws everywhere we turn, not even the best individual attorney can know them all or even study them all for each of our individual needs. What I have discovered is that they all work together in one smooth fashion that unless you were there in their presence watching them, you would not know this. This not only includes the different attorneys, but those who are working as paralegals and other clerical functions.

    Corruption usually endures because it is held tight from the top down. If the leader of any organization is bad, those below follow suit. If not, they disappear soon enough. Well, it works in the opposite direction also. That is why all those other positive testimonials exist. Jamison Mark is at the top, he is excellent in different categories, and those working with him have to also not only be good, but like their job working with and/or for him to maintain that quality throughout.

    I have been with the firm (Mr. Mark) for longer than what is asked here about the last time he was hired since I presently am using him and his firm for more legal assistance. As far as telling others about him and his firm, I have already done that by taking enough business cards and other material to just hand out to those whom have plenty of times told me horror stories about attorneys and/or firms they have dealt with in the past.

    I am not 17 anymore and have seen how attorneys treat their clients as well as prospective clients. We hire attorneys not only for the legal knowledge they have, but generally because they are better talkers than we are. Sadly most lawyers you try to hire get an immediate bad taste about you if you have a talking problem and cannot talk well enough to explain your need of the legal service being sought. I am one of those. Mr. Mark did not just politely tell me to run along. Rather he accepted me from the beginning. Even if he did not fully understand my predicament, he was willing to take me on which allowed a long enough relationship for him, as well as those within his firm, to understand me and my situation much better. If I were in high school, I might say that I dare you to find me wrong with most lawyers you first meet. Therefore Mr. Jamison Mark and his crew have one up on virtually all the rest before you even get to your problem being taken care of.

    Next, as confirmed by other testimonials about him, and therefore the rest of those working within his firm, he does not do the NUMBER ONE IRRITATING thing or notorious thing attorneys do to their clients..... instead THEY KEEP YOU UP TO DATE. They keep you informed and they actually ask for your feedback and participation. Many law firms have their friendly and smiley people you see at the front desk. They are attractive in the way of attracting your attention as a first impression that you are the only important person there, but once you get beyond that desk, you become another number which means that you are left out of the loop, if you are taken on as a client at all. Again, that is the number one complaint about lawyers and firms and I have yet to discover anything but the opposite here.

    My situation involved landlord/tenant. Mark law firm advertises that. Mark law firm advertises handling other types of cases. No matter what your problem is, if the attention I received, and am still receiving is, then logic says it will be that way for you also with any of the other fields you might request them to be of service in.

    February 28, 2014/Friday

  • Mark Law is professional and knowledgeable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angela

    Mr. Mark has been instrumental in assisting us from the start as first time business owners; giving us the peace of mind we needed to move forward with confidence and security. Mr. Mark did an excellent job negotiating a far more favorable lease for our space and continues to serve us with great legal advice. He and his staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable and courteous; keeping me informed every step of the way.

    He took the time to fully explain all facts of our lease and the recommended steps for us to take. He always returned to my emails and calls promptly and addressed any questions I had in language I would understand; making sure that I clearly understood his responses as well as the law.

    I would definitely recommend this firm to handle all of your legal needs.

  • Professional and a great deal of integrity

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Jamison represented me a few years ago in an employment dispute and I was extremely pleased with the work he did for me. He has extensive knowledge of employment law, which was very critical in my case. Jamison goes about his business in a very professional manner and all of his work is flawless and is done in a timely fashion. He is a family man with with a great deal of intergrity and values and I have recommended him and will continue to recommend him to anyone that is in need of his services.