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James Peter McGovern

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  • I was fired from my job of over 15 years. I was told it was for performance because I don't manage my team.

    The team never had a problem with me and I worked harder then any manager in the building working with my team not just telling them what to do, I am the fifth in line that was let go over the age of 40 all were excellent workers all filed for age...

    James’s Answer

    The preliminary question is jurisdiction - which state's law applies. If the termination occurred in New Jersey, the matter would be subject to the courts of NJ, and the matter analysed under NJ law. The incident may also give rise to claims under Federal law that would be brought in Federal or State court. New Jersey has a robust statute against workplace discrimination, aptly called the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. The statute prohibits discrimination against persons on account of age and other "protected classes" such as gender and race. You should consult with an attorney licensed in the state having jurisdiction. The attorney will assess the facts you present, and advise you whether these facts support a claim under the applicable state and Federal laws, and warrant initiating a law suit.

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