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Herbert Ira Ellis

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  • I got into a no fault car accident a year ago . I got served papers yesterday, she is sueing me and my mom . Is that possible?

    Car was in moms name . No tickets were issue at scene . I thought she would sue the car insurance ?

    Herbert’s Answer

    It sounds like you've been served with suit papers since you are a party to the motor vehicle accident
    I wouldn't be alarmed, Immediatly forward to your insurance company who will retain lawyers to defend you
    You may also wish to consult with your personal attorney to discuss or what the implications that may affect you

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  • Slip and fall accident do I need attorney?

    3 months ago I had a slip and fall accident in a local fruit market the store agreed they would cover all of the bills due to their negligence. Per their insurance company I must pay for all of the costs for my care out of pocket and they will rei...

    Herbert’s Answer

    It's always a good idea to consult with an attorney immediately before discussing your case with anyone

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  • Does my mother have a case against the doctor that operated on her broken hip?

    My mother broke her hip on July 30, 2006. After surgery her broken leg was shorter than her other leg. For the past 8 years she has limped. She is now 88 and her femur broke on Oct. 20. After 10 1/2 weeks she can finally put weight on her leg. ...

    Herbert’s Answer

    I would immediately consult with a medical malpractice attorney regarding all these issues as well as time limitations

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  • Is there a limit on a Tort Claim against NJ?

    The claim is for lack of medical care (no tests or hospital visit) to an inmate, so there are no medical bills yet? The reason for the claim is based on the fact that he may have suffered a stroke while incarcerated. The only thing he suffer...

    Herbert’s Answer

    You have 90 days to file a notice of claim against the municipality and the jail and it's also a good idea to file against the medical entity of the jail.

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  • What do you do when you have been served with a neck injury lawsuit from a passenger that was in your car?

    The passenger sustained a supposed permanent neck injury that occurred in a car accident that was not my fault. The plaintiff is suing myself (driver of the vehicle he was in), my mother (i was driving my mothers car), and the other driver who had...

    Herbert’s Answer

    Simply turn the paperwork over to your insurance company who will defend you and get you out of this mess since you're not at fault and I would also consult with your family attorney to discuss the other issues that may exist

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  • Does getting charged with paraphernalia violate conditional discharge?

    I was put on conditional discharge when I was arrested in toms river for possession of marihuana. A few days ago I got charged with paraphernalia in south orange. Will toms river court allow me to continue on conditional discharge?

    Herbert’s Answer

    Unfortunately, Yes.
    Contact an experienced Criminal Lawyer who may be able to fight this charge. A motion to suppress may be appropriate if the search by the Police Officer was improper.
    Moreover, if there are any co defendants that will assume responsibility is another remedy.
    Good Luck.

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  • Can i sue for lost wages and for them to pay my hospital bills?

    in January I was involved in an accident where a driver grabbed me from the window of his company vehicle and drove away, leaving me in the street bleeding. i went to hospital got 3 stitches in my head my vehicle was towed and impounded the compan...

    Herbert’s Answer

    You should contact an experienced Personal Injury attorney to review the police incident report.
    Your question is a little unclear. You should be eligible for PIP benefits.
    Good Luck

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  • Can I get out of a slip & fall contract?

    Signed a contract for a lawyer to represent me in a slip & fall cases on 4/26. He has shown himself to be very slimey. Can I get out? Is there a window I which I can cancel our contract? Desperate. Thank you.

    Herbert’s Answer

    You have the right to terminate the services of this lawyer. Contact an experienced Personal Injury lawyer you feel comfortable with. Your new lawyer will contact your lawyer you wish terminate and arrange for the transfer of your file.
    Much good luck,

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  • How much time do I have to file a claim

    I live in nj but accident happened in a residential delivery box truck driver.the truck in front of me suddenly stop and I stopped but the tractor trailer behind me didn't.i was rear ended and pushed until I hit the truck in front.i felt pa...

    Herbert’s Answer

    New York as a 3 Year Statute of Limitations for you to file a lawsuit. You would have a direct claim for money damages against the owner and driver of the truck that rear ended you.
    Also, you would be entitled to file a Workers Compensation Claim in New Jersey since you were in the course of your employment.
    I would recommend contacting an experienced Personal Injury Attorney who is licensed in New York and New Jersey.
    Hope you feel better. Good Luck!

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  • I was in a motor vehicle accident. The other party is 100% at fault. My right hand was injured and operated on, and now...

    and now my left hand is bothering me (it was not originally injured in the accident). The problem is, as a result of the surgery to my right hand I've been told I should not put weight on this hand. I can also not do other daily activities well ...

    Herbert’s Answer

    Clearly your left hand never hurt you before your unfortunate auto accident. Your left hand began to hurt after your right hand surgery. The over use of your left hand while your right hand was recovering after your surgery is a common result which may be directly related to your car accident. You really should discuss this issue with your surgeon.
    Also, making an appointment with an experienced personal injury attorney would be beneficial.
    Good luck and hope you feel better.

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