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  • 3 car accident

    I was hit from behind by 2 other vehicles on June 2,2016. I was the 1 car the 2 car was hit by a SUW traveling very fast while we were stopped in traffic on route 80W the 3rd car's airbag deployed and wasn't drivable. She admitted the acciden...

    Andrew’s Answer

    First, sorry to hear you have been injured in this accident.

    Second, be sure to report the accident to your automobile insurance company and open up a personal injury protection claim. Do not give a statement to your insurance company or any other insurance company until you retain a lawyer and have further advice from your lawyer.

    Third, take photographs of the scene of the accident if possible, as well as the property damage to your vehicle and any visible cuts or bruising on your body.

    Fourth, you really need to speak with an attorney right away to learn more about your legal rights. You have a right to pursue claims for personal injury for your bodily injury as well as any types of economic losses you suffer as a result of this accident, including lost wages and property damage.

    I do wish you the best of luck and again urge you to contact a lawyer of your choice, noting aggressive representation will suit you well for the battles that are ahead of you in protecting your legal rights.

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  • what do I do

    Was In a accident on my way to the er for tooth pain and a car strikes me out of no where they had to have been flying because I was driving my friends car Eddie Bauer expedition and they had a civic or something close to that I spun 3 time no one...

    Andrew’s Answer

    Thank you for your email. First, do not speak to any insurance company representatives at all. Second, hire an aggressive personal injury lawyer to fight for you. Third, preserve physical evidence, including taking pictures of viable personal injury and property damage to utilize. Fourth, secure the police report from the responding police department.

    There are many more steps.

    Move quickly to protect your rights.

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  • My son was a pedestrian struck by a car. What can we do for his pain and suffering?

    My 14 year old son was hit by a car crossing the street. He was in the crosswalk when a car turned left hitting him and breaking his arm. He has already undergone one surgery so far. The doctor said he will need another procedure in about six week...

    Andrew’s Answer

    Thank you for your inquiry. It is in your son's best interests to speak to a battle tested trial attorney with a statewide practice who will fight with not only the other driver's insurance company, but your own, for there are many fronts to this battle to fight for your son.

    By hiring competent counsel, you can focus on your son's recovery, while your lawyer fights for your family to protect his full legal rights to full and fair compensation, as well as needed medical care (that gets paid for, first and foremost, under your own auto insurance policy through PIP benefits).

    Do not speak to the other driver's insurance carrier, do not give any recorded statements either, for you are under no such obligation and also remember take pictures to document post traumatic injuries, including scarring.

    You should speak to an attorney if you have not yet done so.

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  • I slipped and fell due to a wet bathroom floor at a burger king there was no wet floor sign up

    I didnt go to the doctor as it was late and i have 2 small children at home. I hurt my back and banged my head on the sink when i fell. I told the cashier what happened and told her the floor was wet and she just shrugged her shoulders and said ok...

    Andrew’s Answer

    Thank you for your email. You are viewed as a business invitee and the store owes you a duty of care to keep the premises free and clear of dangerous conditions and to properly warn you of any such dangerous conditions - like water on the floor in a bathroom. More Intel is needed, but a preliminary review of your information points to you having facts to work with to present a personal injury claim. Consult an aggressive trial lawyer immediately and do not speak to any insurance company or Burger King people without first speaking to a lawyer.

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  • I need a serious injury trial lawyer in nj

    I was in a car accident

    Andrew’s Answer

    Thank you for your inquiry. Far more details are needed to assist you, but you are on the right track as you need an aggressive trial lawyer to assist you in the coordination of putting all the pieces of a personal injury claim together with you and to draw up the battle plan.

    Feel free to give more details about the accident and your injuries.

    You need to speak with counsel ASAP. Do not speak to anyone from any insurance company until you confer with an attorney.

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  • I was hurt on the job yesterday and my employer refuse to send me to see a doctor. can you help me period?

    what kind of background information is needed period?

    Andrew’s Answer

    Based on the preliminary information you provided, you need to contact an aggressive workers compensation attorney to demand medical care be authorized now and assist you in filing a formal Claim Petition to get you needed medical care, lost wages if you miss more than 7 days from work and permanency for residual disability from your injuries down the road.

    You should contact a lawyer to assist you immediately.

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  • Dog Bite law suit

    I am USPS employee (I am not permanent yet) working 40 hours or more a week. I work as city carrier. I was attacked by Dog during mail delivery. I was severely injured. My both hands, leg, and back was bitten by German Shepherd. Home owner was ins...

    Andrew’s Answer

    First, you present with a personal injury case regarding the dog owner and you say you dealt with the homeowner, which means dog should clearly be covered under the homeowner's policy to address your damages.

    Second, you present with a workers compensation claim. Since your employer is a federal one, noting your reference you are not permanent yet and are a "city carrier" that needs to be developed/answered quickly and a workers compensation claim needs to be opened for to protect your rights.

    Best thing to do is move aggressively to protect your rights and do not deal with the insurance companies.

    Hire a great lawyer, remembering that such a lawyer is worth every penny under a standard contingency fee agreement, as the amount of work required to do the job right requires tremendous skill, acumen and most of all, trial readiness, to make sure you are treated fairly and get the best and highest compensation you deserve.

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  • Should my boyfriend seek a lawyer about an issue that occurred at work?

    He works for a major corporate retailer as a back room supervisor. He was injured on the job and requested medical attention. A pallet jack with 3800lbs was pushed over his foot. This occurred at 5pm. At 7pm, I went to his job and another supervis...

    Andrew’s Answer

    Yes, he absolutely needs a workers compensation lawyer for getting the full and fair compensation he deserves.

    Next, please advise whether it was a co-employee who operated the pallet jack? Is there another basis of fault? Why/How did it fall? Did something malfunction on equipment? If it is not a co-employee, or if there is another fault basis from one other than a co-employee, then he has a potential negligence suit as well as the workers compensation claim.

    Your boyfriend really needs an aggressive trial lawyer who handles negligence cases and also workers compensation cases in order to fully understand the interplay between the two so he is fully protected and all options are vigorously pursued for him. He should reach out to counsel before talking to anyone from his employer and not speak to any insurance company people until he confers with counsel and is properly advised.

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  • Can I be sued for a Car Accident if I was Uninsured (NJ)?

    Hi I was involved in a auto accident recently I was uninsured due to a lapse in my car insurance coverage. I live in New Jersey and I know NJ is a No-fault state and required all auto insurance policy to carry Uninsured driver coverage. I been con...

    Andrew’s Answer

    Short answer is you absolutely can be sued.

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  • Hurt on the job.

    In my work I got a hernia and the hospital will not operate unless I pay upfront , my employer advised me to seek help with charities. If I pay for the operation can I get compensation from my employer. Thank you for the help.

    Andrew’s Answer

    You need a lawyer to file a workers compensation claim on your behalf since your injury occurred in the course of your employment. You are entitled to have medical care covered, lost wages paid and a permanency award as well, should a doctor determine you have permanent functional impairment involving the injured body part.

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