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Timothy Richard Anderson

About Timothy Anderson

About me

  • I defend individuals under investigation or charged with federal and serious state court offenses. Successes include dismissals of tax evasion charges and of federal drug conspiracy charges (after pretrial suppression of all evidence); trial acquittals of charges of failure to file tax returns and of alleged violations of the Lacey Act (involving the buying and selling of tigers); decisions not to prosecute after federal investigation of federal Indian gaming and construction fraud, of environmental crimes, of mortgage fraud, and of drug possession with intent to distribute; and, a drastically reduced federal sentence after appeal to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and to the United States Supreme Court, which reversed and remanded an ACCA mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years, resulting instead in a sentence of “time served” (just under four years), because only one of four “predicate” offenses were “violent felonies.”