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Randolph H Wolf

Randolph Wolf’s Legal Guides

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  • Car Accident Law : Frequently Asked Questions

    If I am involved in an accident, what should I do? Contact the police and remain at the scene. Exchange insurance information with the other person(s) involved. Give a complete statement of what took place to the police. If you have a camera (cell phone camera would work), take ...

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  • Deportation Consequences: Shoplifting Convictions in Municipal Court

    Pursuant to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), shoplifting is defined as a crime involving moral turpitude.Under certain circumstances, a conviction for a crime involving moral turpitude may result in deportation consequences.This article addresses those circumstances. Pu...

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  • New Jersey’s Standard for Trying Juveniles as Adults

    In a recent decision, the New Jersey Supreme Court held that prosecutors must make a greater showing in order to try juveniles as adults.In the case, three juveniles, aged 16 and 17, challenged a lower courts decision granting the Middlesex Prosecutors Offices request to try them...

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  • Out of State Traffic Ticket Guide

    There has long been contention over how to deal with out of state traffic tickets. Many will tell you to toss it because it won't follow you home; unfortunately, this is a fallacy, and unpaid or uncontested tickets can cause you grief in your home state and with your insurance c...

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  • New Jersey DWI Law: Breathalyzer Tests

    The New Jersey Drinking and Driving Statute, N.J.S.A. 39:4-50, explicitly discusses the use of a breath-alcohol test to determine a suspected drunk driver's blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Under New Jersey Law, operators of motor vehicles give their "implied consent" to submi...

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