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Peter Alexander Allegra

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  • Could a lung being punctured during Thoracentesis procedure qualify as malpractice when imaging guidance was not used?

    My aunt went to the hospital to have the fluid drained off of her lungs. During the procedure, one of her lungs was punctured, it collapsed and she went into cardiac arrest. I am being told the physician did not use any form of ultrasound for ne...

    Peter’s Answer

    Anything is possible. The better question to ask would be: "What is the likelihood of recovery if a case were to be filed?". I think that most experienced attorneys would be justifiably cautious about taking such a case. The fundamental basis for any malpractice case turns on a consideration of two central issues: 1. Was the physician negligent in rendering care or treatment?; 2. Was the negligence the direct and proximate cause of harm to the patient?. In the case you present, there are so many other issues (e.g. the pre-existing cancer) that finding your way to a recovery, even if you could prove the physician's negligence during the thoracocentesis, is improbable. No matter what, get to a GA malpractice attorney ASAP and share all the details with that person. Your local attorney can give you the best guidance. Don't delay!

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  • Hello....please I need a Canadian Immigration lawyer

    Hello....please I need a Canadian Immigration lawyer.... I am a Nigerian citizen here in the U.S. on an F-1 visa. It expired in 2009. I never renewed it and I have been living in the U.S. (NY) since. I want to relocate to Canada to live and work....

    Peter’s Answer

    I think your best bet would be to retain an attorney practicing in Canada or a US attorney who is knowledgeable about Canadian Immigration law and procedure. Martindale Hubbel and AILA might be good resources.

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