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Passaic County NJ - 2nd degree Possession of a Handgun, 3rd degree Terroristic Threats, 4th degree Aggravated Assault

Case Conclusion Date: 04.25.2013

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: All criminal charges dismissed

Description: My client was facing VERY serious charges - 2nd degree Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose, 2nd degree Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, 3rd degree Terroristic Threats, and 4th degree Aggravated Assault (pointing of a firearm) in Passaic County. The charges stemmed from a domestic violence incident that allegedly transpired between him and his girlfriend. Immediately upon being retained, I hired an investigator to work on behalf of my client. I uncovered that the "victim" had fabricated the entire incident. What's worse, she caused him to take the fall for a gun that had been turned over to him through a "no questions asked" surrender program. I presented this information to the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office who, in turn, presented it to the Grand Jury. The case was "no billed" - all charges dismissed.

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