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Savyon Grant

Savyon Grant’s Legal Guides

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  • State Prosecutor must ask for a Deportation Control Order in criminal case with deportation holds

    When a defendant with pending charges is released, the detainer is triggered and ICE may immediately take him into ICE custody. When the defendant is unable to appear for the next court hearing the court may impose a bench warrant. Both the prosecutor and the court can request t...

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  • Search of Vehicle illegal

    THE OFFICERS HAD NO REASONABLE SUSPICION TO STOP DEFENDANTS' VEHICLE FOR AN ALLEGED SMELL OF UNBURNED MARIJUANA The State has represented variously that the arresting officers' attention was drawn to a smell of un-burnt marijuana emanating from defendants' moving vehicle, or el...

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  • NJ Criminal Defense and Your Rights

    NJ Criminal Defense attorney and your rights

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  • Criminal Defense Protect Your Rights

    Criminal Defense Attorney

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    MEMORANDUM OF LAW IN SUPPORT OF MOTION TO SUPPRESS Defendant was so intoxicated that he does not remember any of his interactions with the arresting police officers. His confession(s) or statement(s) were therefore not voluntary and should be suppressed. I. THE COURT MUST EXP...

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  • When to file a motion to resentence or reconsider a state sentence

    A defendant pursuant to the NJ Court Rule 3:22-10(a) A motion to reduce or change of a court jail sentence must be filed not later than 60 days after the date of the judgement of conviction. Motion t

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