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William J Quirk

William Quirk’s Legal Guides

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  • President Obama's Immigration Announcement - What You Need to Know

    On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced an executive action to provide temporary relief to millions of undocumented and visa overstay aliens. There will be a great deal of commentary and disc

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  • Immigration Proceedings in Newark, New Jersey

    What to expect if you are in Immigration Court Proceedings in New Jersey. Background Have you been placed into deportation proceedings in Newark, New Jersey? Have you not received a new court date?

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  • How to prepare for a naturalization hearing

    It has finally come - the day you have been dreaming of! You are going to your local USCIS Office for your Naturalization Hearing. With a successful interview, you will become a citizen of our great country. Preparing for this day can be hectic. This guide is here to help.

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