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Scott A Gorman

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  • What can happen in court

    i was told by judge to go to court for a retring order from june 2003 but there is warrent also from june 2003 for assult

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    I do not have enough information to be able to properly advise you, but I would be happy to try to help.

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  • Are DMV surcharges in New Jersey (DWI $1000/yr x3) applicable to someone whom only carries a NY State license?

    I have been charged with DWI in NJ and only carry a NYS License

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    Yes, the issue was settled in Wnuck v. New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles, 337 N.J. Super. 52 (App. Div. 2001). In that case, a non-resident driver who was convicted of DWI in New Jersey argued that he should not be subject to the insurance surcharge because he did not live in New Jersey. The Appellate Division reasoned that the purpose of the insurance surcharge is to penalize those drivers who drive drunk in New Jersey, thereby increasing the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey, which causes an increase in the insurance rates of all New Jersey motorists. Non-residents and residents alike who drive drunk increase the likelihood of accidents. Therefore, both are subject to the insurance surcharge.

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