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Robin Miriam Gronsky

Robin Gronsky’s Legal Guides

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  • Why Business Owners Need a Plan – Even If They Have Been In Business For Years

    Starting a new business is both scary and exciting. When you are starting a new business, you need to define what your business is what you will be selling and to whom you will be selling your product or service. Writing down a business plan (and writing it down is the crucial s...

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  • Why Home Sellers Need to be Flexible About Repair Issues

    Home sellers are very frustrated these days by the state of the housing market. If you bought your home in the last decade, depending on how much money you put down, you may be underwater (your mortgage is larger than your property is worth). Or if you still have some equity, i...

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  • Why Your Business Must Have a Buy-Sell Agreement

    If you are in business with a partner, have you agreed on what will happen if one of you is disabled, if you cant agree on how to run the business, or one of you dies? Before something bad happens, get a buy-sell agreement and make these decisions NOW. Every day that goes by with...

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  • How to Pick a Real Estate Lawyer

    Lawyers are like doctors. They specialize in anything from real estate to wills to personal injury. You want to find a lawyer who specializes in the area of law that concerns you. The lawyer who handles criminal matters does not know about the issues that concern a real estate sa...

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  • How to Get Your Customers To Pay Your Bill

    The vast majority of small businesses find that their biggest problem is getting their customers to pay for their service or product. Most small businesses go out of business because they dont get paid fast enough while their expenses must be paid on time. How do you get paid by ...

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