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Jay Jason Chatarpaul

Jay Chatarpaul’s Legal Guides

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  • Proving an Employment Discrimination Case

    Employment discrimination cases are very difficult to prove, and many are dismissed by the courts before they get to a jury for lack of proof. Employers and decision makers are smart enough to hide their true motives behind a termination, suspension, demotion, etc. They do not sa...

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  • The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act: Protection for the Consumer

    The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act is one of the strongest consumer protection laws in the nation. The Act was intended to give consumers a powerful weapon to fight against fraudulent and deceptive business practices. That power comes from a provision in the law permitting the con...

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  • Abusive and Illegal Debt Collection Practices Under the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act

    Debt collectors often use a simple method in the collection of debts - scare the debtor enough and the bill will be paid. However, these "simple methods" are often illegal, unethical and abusive, and more importantly, may very well violate the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (F...

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  • Eights and Duties in the Insurance Claims Process

    In the State of New Jersey, statutes and regulations (promulgated and enforced by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance) prohibit insurance companies from engaging in unfair claims settlement practices, as well as unfair and deceptive trade practices. Insurance claim...

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