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Thomas J Major

Thomas Major’s Legal Guides

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  • Serving Notices on Tenants: Do's and Don'ts

    In New Jersey, a landlord-tenant notice to cease or notice to quit are highly technical legal documents that can make or break a case. Throwing a list of grievances together and calling it a "notice"

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  • The Basics of a NJ Nonpayment of Rent Case

    A quick list of tenant-side dos and don'ts in preparation for the court date in a NJ nonpayment of rent landlord-tenant case. Do: Have all of your receipts, canceled checks, money orders and other pro

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  • Watch the Clock: NJ Security Deposit Law Requires Strict Compliance

    The NJ Security Deposit Law requires strict time compliance. Failure to follow the law's strict time requirements can expose landlord's to significant liability. Landlord's Have 30 Days To Make Allowe

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  • Jersey City Rent Control: No Owner-Occupancy Decontrol

    The Jersey City Rent Control Ordinance requires landlords to provide new tenants with specific information. At the start of each new tenancy a landlord must provide a tenant with a rental statement that informs of the tenant of rent of the prior tenant and notification of the exi...

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  • The Clock is Ticking: Rent Control Statutes of Limitations & Repose

    Northern New Jersey cities like Hoboken and Jersey City maintain sophisticated rent control ordinances. Rent control ordinances are designed to provide landlord's a "fair" return on investment while keeping urban housing rents affordable. When a tenant is charged an illegal rent...

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  • The Basics of Jersey City (NJ) Rent Control

    New Jersey is one of only four states that provide for rent control. Jersey City is one of 98 municipalities that enacted local rent-control laws. While Hoboken and Bayonne recently relaxed their rent-control ordinances, Jersey City maintains one of the State's strongest rent-co...

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  • After Hurricane Sandy: What If My Apartment is Destroyed?

    HurricaneSandyleft an unprecedented amount of damage throughoutNew Jersey. Many apartments were damaged by flood, wind and other storm damage. Unfortunately, some apartments were totally destroyed. New Jersey tenants' have a number of options when their apartment is damaged. Tena...

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  • Storm Damage & Tenants' Right: New Jersey Tenants Are Protected by the Warranty of Habitability

    In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, landlords and tenants should understand their rights and obligations concerning damaged apartments.New Jerseytenants are protected from certain defects and conditions in an apartment under the warranty (think of it as a promise) of habitability. Th...

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