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Remi Lee Spencer

About Remi Spencer

About me

Spencer & Associates handles cases in both State and Federal courts and represents individuals in all types of offenses.  Whether you are facing a first time DWI or a more serious criminal charge, your case is too important not to get the best legal assistance available. We present every defense, every strategy, and every piece of evidence in your favor to fight your case. We know that people who are accused of a crime are worried about losing their license, their employment, or even their freedom. We know that when this happens, people need quick and clear answers to their legal questions.


Ms. Spencer is a frequent commentator on cases of national interest. CNN: Out in the Open with Rick Sanchez; CNN Headline News; Nancy Grace; Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell; MSNBC: Dan Abrams, Sunday Morning News; Fox News Channel: Fox & Friends; The O'Reilly Factor; The Live Desk; Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld; Studio B with Shepard Smith; Your World with Neil Cavuto; Big Story with John Gison; Fox News Live; TruTV: Open Court with Lisa Bloom; Courtside with Jack Ford & Ashleigh Banfield; Best Defense with Jami Floyd

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